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Rutten Watches to confer any product warranty against manufacturing defects that manifest themselves within the warranty period.

The warranty on the products Rutten Watches is 12, 24 or 36 months (depending on brand) from the date of purchase (invoice


date). Every product is the warranty of the product description. Exceptions to the standard warranty in the product description





If you fail to purchase the warranty, then the product will be repaired or we'll give you a new one sent. Should a product be


discontinued, we act in consultation with the client for proper handling. The return of the purchase amount is not possible Rutten


Watches reserves the right to a similar model to offer in place.


Warranty can only be claimed by presentation of the bill and clear description of the defect.


If closer inspection reveals a defective product within the warranty is over is always the customer informed accordingly. Defective


products outside the warranty can also be repaired by Rutten Watches. You can pre-repair costing applications. The cost of the


repairs and shipping are borne by the customer.


Not covered by the guarantee:


• Battery


• Watch glass


• Crown (and buttons / buttons)


• Watch Band and conclusion


• Water damage caused by large temperature differences or open crown.


• Water damage caused by failure to comply with the specific water resistance of the watch.


• Action to oppose the date (day, month or year) in the period from 21:00 u t / m 03:00 pm (with an automatic or mechanical




• Any defects caused by human activity, not covered by manufacturing defects.


• Transactions where logically no guarantee can be offered.


• Already by the customer or by third firms opened or repaired products.


Mechanical watches


There are two types of mechanical watches:

Mechanical watches manual winding.


If you have a mechanical watch with manual winding, we recommend that 1 time per 24 hours to do. We also recommend to


watch not completely excited, but a few strokes to keep the spring is not too tight so effort.



Mechanical watches Automatic.


These watches are winded by the wrist movement


If a mechanical automatic long rest, the watch is stopped automatically.


Usually this is after 24/42 hours. Often standing still is very bad for a machine, this dries the oil in the watch is good for all


mechanical parts to run on.


This deviation may arise and possibly lead to a defective watch. We recommend that you always watch if you frequently switch to


a Watch Winder (watch winder) to buy.


Quartz Watches


Quartz watches run on one battery.


On average, these batteries into 2 years. It also depends on the options on the watch and the degree of intensity of the watch is




Any local jeweler can replace a battery for you




Water Resistant


Water Resistant

This means that your watch is splashproof. The rain is not bad but

if the watch has been under water it is advisable to watch at a

jeweler to bring.

3ATM/ 30m

This means 3 and atmosphere is equivalent to 30 meter under

water. However, we recommend these watches to swim, shower

or otherwise subject to survive.

5 ATM/ 50m

From 5 Atmosfeer/50m we regard it as truly waterproof watch.

Although you could just watch this swim is not wise to watch the


10 ATM/100m

Watches marked 10ATM or 100m are resistant to water.

20 ATM/200m

Watches with this designation are often referred to as real divers

watches. These watches are suitable for such water sports.

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