Davosa is a well-known German watch brand that produces watches with Swiss made movements. Quality, precision and sustainability are core values ??of this watch brand. Every Davosa watch has its origin in the Swiss Jura where Abel Frederic Hasler started making watches in 1881. His sons inherited the talent and further developed the success of their father. In 1993 the Hasler company started producing Davosa watches. The automatic watch experienced a revival which made the Davosa watches very popular due to their quality, excellent specs and limited collections. The advantage of a Davosa watch is that it offers all the features that much more expensive watch brands also offer, but the prices are much more attractive. The well-known Ternos and Argonautic watches are the most popular models of Davosa. The Davosa watch collection has modern and classic watches, but especially the sporty and water resistantTernos and Argonautic models are very interesting.